Ramya in specs & red jacket looking up and over. Above are red roses in a wall sconce.

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  1. It is good to be here after a long time, it feels long and here are my fav lines and thoughts

    • Order up your usual with an extra dash of boredom

    Funny line

    • You realise you know so little about those you call your friends
    And there's nothing more you need to know
    About someone you've just met
    Intimacy is not on the menu tonight

    Aren't we all scared of intimacy, moon looks beautiful from a distance, but the nearer you go, the more craters you see?

    • Casually reaching for a cracker to dip into cheese

    • They come seeping out of that deep-freezer in your mind
    Where you keep people and words and pieces of you
    That you don't look at anymore

    • Truly scary line:- Nostalgia just dipped that fondue fork into your blood
    And smeared it across your plate

    • What do you do when you see the person who broke your heart
    Sitting at the table next to you

    • Fabulous line :- All your defences will crumble the minute they look at you

    Testament to the fact that humans do have a weak will

    • You realise that happened to a different you

    • A powerful line :- You are not having dinner with nostalgia

    1. @Harshaman: Thank you for returning, my dear friend. How have you been? I love the way you describe your thoughts on fear of intimacy. We are all full of craters indeed. Consider this? When getting close to people, are we afraid of discovering other people’s flaws or being reminded of our own?