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  1. @ ???: That’s the login, isn’t it? Sorry about that, WP is silly that way sometimes. When I first signed up, I couldn’t reply to my comments as they kept sending my comments into my own spam box!!! I wrote to the Help section and they sorted it out pronto, though.

    @ Australopithecus: Actually as much as I crib, I think the railways are run very well!

    @ Brad: 🙂

    @ S: Will do so at earliest….you won’t mind a delay till I have the time and brains to put out a well-thought out post, I hope?

    @ greekalphabet: 🙂 And I was only half-kidding…

    @ Nikhil: Ah, well, the city-never-gives-up spirit. Sometimes I love it, sometimes it kills me.

    @ Ashwin: Oh god, yes. Misery does not always love company.

    @ chrissy: 🙂

    @ Deepika: :-p

  2. In every word I read… I saw myself… Very true… being in Mumbai I’ve experience all of it and more…

    Just one more point though…

    Every time this thing happens to anyone of us… more often than not the reaction is… “Ok! Let me get through this and I’ll make up for it. Tomorrow would be fine…”

    Tomorrow never comes… but the hope remains…

  3. Babe – this is the most brilliant way anybody – lemme repeat – ANYBODY – has ever potrayed those crucial all important crazy mad rushing five minutes of a whacked morning.

    I could not stop chuckling at your wit and sniggering at the way I identify with it. So totally. lol