Why I love Saturdays and hate Mondays

Slept over and nearly missed the bus, watched gray rain soiling the already wonderful roads of Mumbai and finally got to office to kick-start Monday with this conversation with SNC (Someone from the next cubicle, for those who missed my earlier post)

Me: *Groan* I hate Mondays.
SNC: Yeah, it shows….oops, sorry I forgot you were born that way.
Me: (The icing on my cake of a Monday morning is his unjustified enthusiasm!) Hmph, no matter how much you like work, Monday always seems a drag.
SNC: Especially after a long weekend? That’s why we shouldn’t have weekends. We should work all the time.
Me: …???!!!! (Like, what am I to say to that???)
SNC: See…that’s why I say down with these bloody 5-day weeks, down with holidays, Work is God after all!
Me: (If you ignore it, it might go away!) Well, at least I have something to feel lucky about…all those poor souls who work Saturdays…! Saturday off is necessary. Its…its..its…
SNC: Peaceful?
Me: (Trying to decide between “coming up for air”, “time for family” and “parole time”)No…its…its…
SNC: Good for world peace? *Flashing 32 pearly-white*
Me: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……….
SNC: *Muffled yelps*

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