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  1. I would agree, based on personal observations in Delhi and NCR.
    Also, in the interest of full disclosure, I have also been guilty of going to group meetings once in a while despite the focus activity not being a hobby. The idea was not to disturb, but to learn the activity with others to see if it’s interesting for me and to meet new people. In such cases, I follow the old maxim, “Go with the flow”. 🙂
    One other thought.. Maybe this is happening because people are not finding adequate events/ places to meet new people or be able to expand their social circle. In turn, this could be due to lack of strong interest in hobbies/ anything that distracts from the ideal life of “get a job, get married, fulfil your responsibilities”. Am curious to hear your thoughts on this…

    1. I can understand wanting to explore and indulge one’s curiosity. Nothing wrong with that. Except, a lot of these people can’t pay attention long enough to figure out if they enjoy it and then disrupt proceedings for others. They don’t seem inclined to just leave for better things, which makes me think they don’t have better things to get to. Your last idea is exactly what I’ve suggested in the post.