Waiting for the bus

1. is enjoying the dust-flecked, polluted breeze that surrounds the bus-stop at 6:30 pm.
2. is groaning inwardly and trying not to think of another Saturday spent in soothing the nerves of edgy candidates and massaging the egos of the powers-that-be
3. is mumbling about the hare-brainedness of people who can’t be bothered with filling up their questionnaires but worry about their ID cards being spelt wrong.

Employee1: Hi! How are you?
HRP: Doing good. And you?
Employee1: Tiring day. Next week’s deadline has been shifted to Monday. Can’t you do something about the project planning process?
HRP: Stock reply 1: I’ll look into it.
Employee2: Hi! I was looking for you.
Employee1: Yeah, I know, I’ve not been able to stop by. Thought I’d get home early today.
Employee2: Hey, HRP, where is the bus yaar?
HRP: I’ll check it out. When you get home, see if your taps are running and if not give me a call, I’ll check those out too.
Employee2: @#$%&!

One thought on “Waiting for the bus

  1. he he……nice one.But ” The team goes out for a meeting ” rockss bigtime !! Nothing beats it πŸ˜€
    There seems to be quite a company at your workplace :))

    P.S. u have just too many blogs πŸ˜› yet to visit the other ones….but do keep blogging on this one, definitely.

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