Life at the flat end of the bell curve

I love commercials. I hum jingles and quote taglines in conversations. The TV is on at full blast and the only time I yell “Don’t change the channel!” is when there’s a commercial on air.

I hated school. I still do. I don’t reminisce about the good ol’ playground and inky notebooks and sigh “Those were the best years of my life..” I’m soooo glad I’m out of that prison.

I don’t believe burning ambition and ruthlessness are virtues. They seem to be in the business world. I don’t even like calling it the corporate jungle….four-legged creatures kill only when they’re hungry.

‘Swades’ didn’t impress me. The pump building bit seemed just too much like an extension of the Doordarshan documentaries that I grew up with. Even “Ek chidiya…anek chidiya” was more entertaining.

I like ankle-length skirts. I like mini-skirts. Its the ‘midis’ I can’t stand. A salwar-kameez has to be sleeveless or full-sleeved…nothing in between will do.

I enjoy Pink Floyd (though I don’t swear by the band). I hum the theme song of Veer Zara as I go through my day. I have Fields of Gold in electronic format to alert me to an incoming call. And I think Dhoom machade and It’s the time to disco really rocked!

I didn’t think Kaho na Pyaar hai was silly. I didn’t think it was brilliant. I just thought it was a comprehensive three-hour commercial for Brank Hrithik.

I love white shoes, flat-as-pancake sandals and straw handbags. I will wear these with jeans, suits and sarees and I think they look good just the same.

I didn’t enjoy reading The Lord of the Rings. I loved the Hobbit though. Also Harry Potter and all his adventures. I don’t care if Rowling is a superb rip-off artist.

I think Shah Rukh Khan is a lousy actor. I will watch every movie of his that I can catch, some for the second or third time.

I like watching movies with my parents….in the theatre, on DVD, on TV.

I hate having lunch or dinner, especially dinner with anybody else. Coffee and conversation…or ice-cream and a walk…or water and an hour on the family swing in the park sounds wayyy better.

I have an opinion. I have prejudices. I have questionable taste.
So sue me.

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