The Danger Of Hearts

It’s nice to have a crush.
Even better to discover they have a brain.
But then you find where they keep their heart.
From there, it’s downhill into their world of pain.

Because deep down, is where everyone buries it
Raw material that marks them as human & everything that came after
Who hurt them, who they last loved and how they hide
The bubbling tears that only escape as hysterical laughter.

Once you’ve seen someone’s real face, there’s no going back
You’re falling. That’s what love is, a dangerous falling.
And you end up, helpless, just another character in their plot
But it’s a one-way street because they never saw you coming.

You bind me to you
When you show me your battered, beating heart
And with that you take my breath, my speech
And my heart away.

And that is why every heart should come with a ‘Danger ahead’ sign.

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