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  1. I was appalled after reading a small snippet of 50 shades. It seems a lot of people just want sex thrown at them. And its not even really appealing. Who wants to be hit? Pain is not pleasant at all. I enjoy the secret delicious pleasure of a smoldering passion unfolding. That’s hot.

    1. @Quiet Girl: I don’t want to judge the S&M lifestyle itself because that’s a valid choice for adults. But 50 Shades did not do a good job of telling a story or for that matter, addressing the S&M universe. There have been several write-ups by practitioners of BDSM who say that the story was about abuse and rape, not dominance (which involves trust and consent) at all.

      Of course, Lady Chatterley’s Lover is a different kind of erotica and exciting for a different reason. Especially in the times the story is set in, the idea of a married, upper-class woman who had so little personal freedom, exploring her sexuality along with a man who as not her financial or social equal was revolutionary. I am finding her introspection and her thoughts about him, about the relationship and her life very interesting and that makes me interested in her as a character, interested in her desire. That is what makes good erotica, else it’s just low-grade porn.

    1. @vishalbheeroo: I’m on the last 100 pages of the book. It drags a bit in places but I think that’s just the style of the period and I’m more used to the snappy writing of today. Loving the nuance and detail in the characters, though.