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  1. Well, I always have found the toilet to be the place where the best inspirational thinking comes. I admit to having the same habit. Dirty or not dirty is a matter of personal preference and cannot be debated or logically explained.

    However, with the advent of the iPad, I read books on it, so the iPad accompanies me to the can 🙂

  2. Taking a dump is not disgusting. It is an essential part of the human(and animal) experience. It is a time when mental clarity is at it’s zenith. I have done some of my best reading on the can. I have had some of my most profound thoughts on the can. Matter of fact, I wrote one verse of a song once on the can too. And if it’s a dirty boy habit, well there’s a dirty boy inside all of us!

  3. LOL!! It’s true! My husband even takes his laptop into the toilet when he feels he’ll be in there for a long time. Sometimes I walk by the closed door to hear music softly playing because he’s watching videos on Youtube!

  4. The bathroom is a sanctum and is where one can commune with one’s books best. I’ve had two shelves – a lower one for baser things detergents etc and a higher one to keep my books dry and clean.
    I draw the line at talking on the pot though. There’s nothing more disgusting than hearing a flush go off mid-chat.

    Btw, my FEMALE sibling is perhaps the worst perpetrators of the book-abandoned-in-the-loo crime. Thankfully, it’s usually with pulp.

  5. LOL! Not all boys/men do it! I find it disgusting too! Personally, I know of an old neighbor, a lady, who actually has a mini library in her loo! I never pick up the newspaper at her home! Never know where its been!

    1. @Nirav: Yecccch, bleurggggh!! Oh god, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to borrow a book from this one friend of mine who is a practicioner of this habit, again!