The Dirty Boy Habit

My father does it. I remember my cousin doing it from the summer he stayed with us. And now, to my horror and disgust, I find my boyfriend does it too!

I shudder to enter the toilet. No, this is not about that old seat up/down debate. Look higher. There’s a book lying on the flush tank!!! Sacrilege! Books are divine carriers of the holy light of wisdom and human experience. Imagine exposing them to the unclean atmosphere of the toilet, not to mention actually reading them?!

Why oh why do men insist on reading in the toilet? Now I don’t understand why one needs to be entertained in the toilet. It’s not a library, it’s not a spa, it’s not your bedroom, it’s a disposal station! You go in, do your business and you get out. But no!

The boy says,

“Reading in the loo is to men what taking a shower is to women. It’s an experience!”

Now what am I to say to that?


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17 thoughts on “The Dirty Boy Habit

  1. LOL! Not all boys/men do it! I find it disgusting too! Personally, I know of an old neighbor, a lady, who actually has a mini library in her loo! I never pick up the newspaper at her home! Never know where its been!

    1. @Nirav: Yecccch, bleurggggh!! Oh god, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to borrow a book from this one friend of mine who is a practicioner of this habit, again!

  2. The bathroom is a sanctum and is where one can commune with one’s books best. I’ve had two shelves – a lower one for baser things detergents etc and a higher one to keep my books dry and clean.
    I draw the line at talking on the pot though. There’s nothing more disgusting than hearing a flush go off mid-chat.

    Btw, my FEMALE sibling is perhaps the worst perpetrators of the book-abandoned-in-the-loo crime. Thankfully, it’s usually with pulp.

  3. LOL!! It’s true! My husband even takes his laptop into the toilet when he feels he’ll be in there for a long time. Sometimes I walk by the closed door to hear music softly playing because he’s watching videos on Youtube!

  4. Taking a dump is not disgusting. It is an essential part of the human(and animal) experience. It is a time when mental clarity is at it’s zenith. I have done some of my best reading on the can. I have had some of my most profound thoughts on the can. Matter of fact, I wrote one verse of a song once on the can too. And if it’s a dirty boy habit, well there’s a dirty boy inside all of us!

  5. Well, I always have found the toilet to be the place where the best inspirational thinking comes. I admit to having the same habit. Dirty or not dirty is a matter of personal preference and cannot be debated or logically explained.

    However, with the advent of the iPad, I read books on it, so the iPad accompanies me to the can 🙂

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