Tuesday trauma

I used to think Mondays were bad. Looks like Tuesday has picked up the bad behaviour of Monday, from being in such close proximity to it.

Midnight: Set alarm on mobile phone a full hour earlier so I can get to the early morning conference on time.

7:10: Ohmygosh….the alarm didn’t go off! What are the odds of that happening ON a red-letter day?

7:55: Running late. Damn damn damn damn damn DAMN

8:01: No bus. No auto in sight.

8:02: New shoes hurt like hell.

8:18: Got to the station. Am sure the train has left.

8:20: Strange. Train hasn’t left though it was scheduled for 5 minutes back.

8:21: Wrong train on the track. Wrong sign on the station indicator

8:26: Feet feel like blood-sodden stumps. Standing on one foot in an over-crowded (even more than usual on account of train mess-ups) compartment.

9:05: Rushed into the meeting room. Damn…it hasn’t started yet but everyone is glaring at me like I arranged for everyone to be out of bed early.

10:30: Run out of meeting room though the speaker hasn’t gone through even half the slides. When the client calls, you gotta run!

10:32: Boss – “Did you carry XY document?”
Me – “Yep”
Boss – “Last time’s notes?”
Me – “Yes”
Boss – “Calculator?”
Me – “…..” (and I was kicking myself for remembering the obscure stuff and forgetting the essentials!!)

1:45: *Staggering out of meeting, tummy rumbling*

1:51: Stop for a Macs burger. No time to sit, eat on the run…if I could run without functional feet that is.

2:25: Still running….where did the morning go??? Am still behind time! Even skipping lunch didn’t work. Kicked off my shoes and that was the only respite.

3:30: Taken to walking around office bare-foot. FF asks why and I monotoned “Shoebite” to which he burst out laughing. Apparantly he isn’t familiar with the word and he’d say ‘blisters’ instead. I just grunted and shuffled back.

4:02: Horrors! Wardrobe malfunction!

4:03: Panic. Panic. Panic. Too early to leave, too busy to leave….*biting fingernails*

4:20: Thank heavens I carried a shawl along. Wrapped up toga-style.

6:55: Eyes stinging and watering. Do I need spectacles? SNC asks me to read a sheet of paper from across the cubicle to check. Unfortunately its my name printed in 64-pt size on A4 paper. Very funny…..

7:15: Going home. Thank heavens.

8:45: I hate trains. I hate buses. I hate the traffic. I hate the pollution. I hate shoe-makers. I hate Mumbai. I hate life. *sigh*…does it matter? Am still waiting for a bus.

10:30: Trying to connect up and connection keeps hanging. Can’t even blog about the miseries of Tuesday.

10:45: Mobile phone provider messaged reminding me of credit limit. Can’t even call Dee till I sort that out.

10:46: Will just read a bit and go to bed.

10:47: Left book at office. *sigggghhhhhh*

What a day!

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