Anonymous person pressing button of lift

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  2. electrifying suspense…
    gosh! cant even imagine myself trapped in a lift… esp. a ghost lift…

    (err..maybe i am a little claustrophobic…)

  3. I don’t know about tuesdays being killers but the idea behind the post was amazing. I can only say something,”plesae never stop blogging”

  4. Nice story…shabbash

    BTW this lift thing used to happen to me every day till i realised I was pressing the wrong button…since then i’ve been able to go to the ground floor everytime i want to…no more going to the ground floor via the top floor now.

  5. Nice one. I find Monday thru Thursday the same. Fridays are good coz all thru the day I keep thinking of the weekend.

  6. Tuesdays are killer for me most of the times…but I plan ma day smartly.. I make ma weeekend plans on tuesday itself… 🙂

    Now its Friday the 13th tomorw…lemme see how to freak out people in office tomorw…hmmmm