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  1. The good thing about Tuesday is that its a day closer to the weekend than Monday.

    Thank you people, this was a humble attempt at writing fiction.

  2. I don’t know about tuesdays being killers but the idea behind the post was amazing. I can only say something,”plesae never stop blogging”

  3. Nice story…shabbash

    BTW this lift thing used to happen to me every day till i realised I was pressing the wrong button…since then i’ve been able to go to the ground floor everytime i want to…no more going to the ground floor via the top floor now.

  4. Tuesdays are killer for me most of the times…but I plan ma day smartly.. I make ma weeekend plans on tuesday itself… 🙂

    Now its Friday the 13th tomorw…lemme see how to freak out people in office tomorw…hmmmm

  5. so you have ghost lifts in your building? i think the milkman was the evil spirit that feared you… you should have opened his milk can and you would have seen blood there… with eyeballs floating here and there… tuesdays definitely must be a killer 😉

    thank god i stay on the ground floor…