The spirit of the ladies room

One interesting experience to report!!!!

I paid a visit to the washroom. (No…don’t run away…I haven’t resorted to toilet humour!!!). It was because I was extremely sleepy on account of having indulged in a late night movie mid-week (tsk, tsk…it will be awhile before I can come back to the ‘efficient lifestyle’ again!). I drifted in, threw a glance at the two cubicles. One was pulled shut and the far one at the end was ajar. Hmm…I thought…that’s the one I like anyway, good thing whoever she is decided to take the other one. I splashed water on my face and buried my face in a froth of tissues and turned the corner to the cubicles. The door suddenly opened and I paused to avoid collision with whoever was coming out. Only no one did! It was empty. AAAARRRRGGGGGGHHHH!!!!

The games a human mind will play on itself!!! All the thoughts that ran through my head:
– Its a ghost!
– I’m on the second floor where no one will hear me even if I yell!
– What if there’s a spook in the next cubicle too?
– What if I look into the mirror right now and see someone standing behind me?
– What if I turn around and see someone who doesn’t reflect in the mirror?

I did enter the last cubicle and walk out safe and sound. I admit I didn’t breathe till I got to the landing though!
Some way to be shaken awake!!!!!

My boss’s comment when I recounted this story:
“Didn’t you know? That toilet is haunted. See there was this girl who ate the canteen food everyday and had to pay for her misdeeds….”

7 thoughts on “The spirit of the ladies room

  1. heck ..this is strange! someone else ( a fish called goonda who is linked ) told me the same thing once ..wonder whether u two worked together?

  2. Ooh..ah..ouch…a poltergeist perhaps?

    Cynic, I think not…perhaps the spirits of long-dead MCPs come back to haunt today’s working women?

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