The Specialness Of A Display Picture

Is it pathetic when you look at the display picture of someone you haven’t talked to, in ages & think,

“That picture was taken on my camera!”

No it’s not. And I’ll tell you why. Because it means I was there in that moment with that person. It means that moment, either preserved for posterity because it was so precious or simply because the picture was most pleasing as a representation of its owner, was shared with me. It means that that moment still trumps the zillion others that have happened ever since then.

Think of when cameras were not digital, when photo-processing was a laboratory function, not a ‘Wait for it’ message on your viewfinder. You could go for years on a single photograph since there might not be an opportunity or a camera or a developed film in that while in between. Now with every moment being mobile-picable, every picture being uploadable and every display pic being changeable, think of what a really old DP means.

Yes, that’s why it’s not pathetic.

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