A happy couple

This was written a long time back. I’m recycling it since I don’t think any of the people who read my blog now knew me then. And because I like this piece. 😀

29 October 2004

8 a.m. on a weekday morning. Mumbai’s crankiest best. Sweepers shuffling dust into the air with a vengeance, cars spelling out “Eat my dust” in their fumes, people shuffling to work. I stood at the bus-stop frowning into thin air, waiting for a bus that was always late on days of important appointments.

A little boy and his grandmother walked past me. The boy in a pair of faded trousers and shirt hanging out in a state of shabbiness only little boys can perfect. The grandmother was little, white-haired, bespectabled and slightly bent in that endearing ‘grandmommy’ way. Both were holding hands tightly. For a moment I wondered, who was escorting who?

The kid was pointing out various sights on the road , nodding his head vigorously while granny shuffled along slow as molasses, only lips moving in some semblance of speed and revealing a tooth-free gums. One bursting with all the exuberance and energy of childhood and the other living the calm, sedate slowness of old age…..oddly enough they were walking together and at the same speed.

As they passed me, I heard them both chuckle at some shared, private joke….childish laughter ringing out and intermingling with the shrill, cackly gurgle of a granny so old, she could only be described as ‘cute’.

I always imagined that the ‘prime of life’…after 20 and somewhere before 60ish…was the time of really living life. Of bearing responsibility, of making decisions for everyone in the other two stages, of driving the world. But watching this pair, so complete in themselves, so content in a picture where even the dust on the road looked agitated made me think….perhaps we are born wise and we grow down…and then up again.

10 thoughts on “A happy couple

  1. Idea..happiness is how we see it..so I see a 20 something walk past a
    a young kid and his old grandmother, trying to see her childhood in oner
    and her old age in the other, being wise to spot happiness, and
    being happy enough to see and enjoy happiness.

    rambler’s last blog post..Overheard at cafe

  2. @ rambler: 🙂 Happiness doesn’t have an owner.

    @ Ram N: It was a lovely picture.

    @ DC: Bang on. You must be my oldest reader and definitely the one I’ve followed closely for the longest!

    @ neelu: The moment was such.

  3. Oh no! the period between 20 and 60 is probably the most stressful ever.., and am not even halfway there! :\

    rads’s last blog post..lost

  4. Hi its me Anjani, God i was surprised to see the pic on your home page:) Its a very beautifully writen pc on my shoes. Was nice to read it. Thanks

  5. I love the picture it posts.. an old cute granny with a young grandson, both laughing over a private joke! I love it, and it reminds me what I missed in life the most! Grandparents! 🙁

    Ms Taggarts last blog post..Rock On!

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