close up photo of survey spreadsheet

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  1. @ Australopithecus: *Sigh* Not, I’m afraid. As with a bad-news-boyfriend that you still go back to, I swallow my pride and continue the pursuit of Excelense!

    @ Sunshine: Yeah, I certainly hope he does, as well. The more readers, the better…even if nothing gets done about it!!!

    @ Hyde: Unsurprising. Like-minded. Birds of a feather.

    @ Rambler: Oh, do!! At least then I’ll have a friend on the inside!

    @ Sreejith: You won’t get it!! I’ve spent the ENTIRE day on Excel after that!

    @ Sense: Oh gawd…I don’t want another Excel-tantrum.

    @ ilyria: :-p It hardly is….a sense of humour is my life-saver!

    @ Dusty: Yeah, we know, buddy…

  2. @ the spelling: To think I was re-reading about my pursuit of happyness.

    @ everything being male in your life: To think I believe that everything in my life is female.

    Stalemate? 🙂