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  1. As a web publisher, I occasionally google my name, and surprise, surprise, the #1 spot on google was some site called Quora. I thought this was odd, because for a couple weeks, I had been getting notices that my facebook friends were “following me on Quora”.

    Now, I’m very VERY particular about what sites I join, and NEVER use my facebook to join anything. On the Quora profile was a Christmas themed profile picture I used for about 2 weeks on facebook, and a list of interests seemingly scraped at random from my facebook like list. My facebook privacy settings are set to the highest levels.

    I asked my friends who were “following me” and all 11 of them said they had not selected to follow me at all, 4 of them didn’t even know what Quora was. Only 2 of them were active users.

    I deactivated the profile in the control panel, which was somehow linked to my facebook ID, removed the facebook ID sharing options, changed the profile picture to “f*ck quora” and my interests to the same, unfollowed the people it had started following for me, and have written them over a dozen times to their to DELETE the account, and STILL, the site came up for #1 google result for my name.

    #1 without any activity and ZERO backlinks.

    So I wrote an abuse complaint to google, and within a week the search result went down to the third page, but is still online, even with the “do not show to search engines” option clicked.

    Today, I received an email “weekly digest” from Quora, and for the 7th time, clicked the “do not send me weekly digests” link and was told that no more digests would be sent to the email I ONLY use for facebook account login.

    Quora is the spammiest, scammiest social site out there and I sincerely hope they go under soon, as hopefully the best way to get my profile finally removed.