Kapil Sibal & The C-Word

Kapil Sibal is this week’s hot topic on the Twitterverse. Catch my thoughts on what’s making him news, at Social Samosa. I’m picking a few titbits from the article. Read the full story at Social Samosa and comment!

‘Free to speak except if it hurts somebody else’ is a misnomer. Who judges what is hurtful and what is not? One man’s humour is another man’s slander. Screening can’t be absolute, else it becomes restriction.

Censorship may not be the way to go but regulating it might be a thought. Freedom of speech can’t be absolute. In fact, there are no absolutes when it comes to real people and so many of them.

It’s got little to do with what is ethical and more to do with who gets to control detailed data about a large group of people.

There have been attempts to censor the internet, in the past, starting right from public figures decrying it for making morphed pictures accessible in the 90s, to Blogspot being closed off for nearly 2 days following an Orkut hate-community targeted at a political party.

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