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  1. I didn’t know that Ideasmithy missed me so much until she said so…..I missed you too!!!
    And am glad that Ideasmithy has a ‘listener’ friend and meaningful conversations….

  2. @ Ashish: It was a happy moment. I’m so glad it came through! 🙂

    @ Rambler: I am. Idea is quite happy. How about you?

    @ Rada: Not at all. If it were that personal, I wouldn’t have put it up on my blog so please feel free to comment! And yes, I feel not just happy but blessed to have a friend like that.

  3. Too personal a post that any comment can only be construed as an invasion of privacy! 😕

    But to have a friend who will just listen without judging, should be enough reason to be happy?

    Smile! 🙂

    Rada’s last blog post..A trip to London

  4. You inspire me to be happy , one generally tends to forget about happYness in this busy life, for which there are posts like these! 🙂