Glossary of terms

SNC: Someone from the next cubicle

SFOS: Someone from the other side

AKB: Allah ki bandi a.k.a boss ki chamchi

God a.k.a da BOSS

VOAE: Voice at other end of phone

CTC: Crank turns cool

HRP: Human Resources Professional

CC: Close confidante

Emp: Some employee of the organisation

NB: Naya bachcha

SIT: Smarts in an ivory tower

CuCo: Culture cocktail

FF: Funny Firang

FF: Tea-and-me

Piggy’s Poison Plaza: Office canteen run by Mr.P a.k.a. Piggy

NN: Nosy neighbor

BAA: Bengali after all!! Thinks ‘sonata’ describes a silent Bengali. Also reminds us frequently that roshogullas, mishti doi, Mukherjees, Ray, Ghosh, Sengupta are all from Great Bengal. And that a movie/song/play deserved an award because the driver of the writer’s wife’s sister’s nephew was ‘Bengali after all’!!

LOC: Line of Control running through ‘no-employee’s land’ between my office space and SNC’s. This is as hotly disputed over as PoK.

PJ Rani: Queen of PJs

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