Quoted In TOI – On Your Marks, Get Set, Write!

Yesterday marked the end of NovelRace and today is the first day of NaNoWriMo. Mahafreed Irani has written a great story in Times of India today about the two writing events. The story quotes Aditya, Samit, Vishal, Angad and me.

On your marks, get set write

Blogger Ramya Pandyan who is better known as Idea-smithy in cyberspace, is writing a novel set in Mumbai that revolves around relationships after the advent of internet and connectivity” She completed 50,727 words on Friday. For her the race has been a learning experience.

“I intereacted with other writers, shared the anxieties a writer faces and learnt about the latest writing software available.” says the writer who is halfway through her novel.

So the very first exercise that gave me the push to start my first book, is over. My book is not yet complete but I’ve gone about halfway, which is really far more than I ever thought would happen. I’m still really excited about the story and am not going to give it now, having come this far.

Instead, to combat the fatigue I feel over the effort currently and also because NaNoWriMo begins today, I’m putting aside the book to begin another one. This one too, will be about the way people experience the Internet. But the story and approach are different. While my first book deals with how connectivity impacts relationships, the second looks at our individual experiences with the Internet. I’m just as excited about the second project, especially considering I only have a month to turn out the novel. November is going to be a quickie month. Wish me luck!!

Also joining the NaNoWriMo run are Aditya, Vishal, Aparna and Alpana. Pens on the ready, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Quoted In TOI – On Your Marks, Get Set, Write!

  1. I’m so glad you’re in this with me! It’s such a lonely life, that of a writer, and any company is welcomed. My NaNo name is sharanya, tell me yours, and I can keep track of your word count and get inspired, as always πŸ˜€

    Good luck! And thanks for sharing the link!

    1. @Sharanya: This is a really late reply but you’re a writer so I think you’ll forgive me when I say I was having a ‘trial seperation’ from my words. I signed up for NaNoWriMo but I didn’t manage to complete it. So for now I’m just Ramya (though IdeaSmith is my favorite moniker!). I do hope you managed to get to a better place with your writing than I have in the past few weeks! Talking helps and if you’d like to have a chat, please do drop me a mail and we’ll take this conversation to a private forum. All the best!

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