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  1. Thank you for your comment and birthday wish… It is coming soon. Womanhood blessed me 😉 literaly a few years ago, that is not cracked up to what it should be. I was referring more into the actual becoming of a person, a women perhaps, that can set the world on fire as my friend seemed to believe… Thank you again, it’s so fun to meet new bloggers. I will come back and visit!

  2. …..every single morning I confess to wondering why I do what I do, live the way I do and hate my life.

    could soo relate to that!!

  3. The tear in the carpet folded inwards between the two stairs. He drew his face close. Olfactory insult from cheap French cologne leapt towards him. He held his nose and stared. The blackest darkness he had ever seen and then, two glistening slits, two beady eyes.

    “When was the last time you had this read?”

  4. your ant thing reminds me of a poem i wrote last year…here it is…

    the little red devils come marching upon me
    to take my body and claim my soul
    they know no limits, know no boundary
    they just march in to eat me whole
    they march right in when i am sleeping
    they have no god apart from need
    from every crevice they come out creeping
    feeding on death, their only creed
    they’re everywhere the eye can see
    inside my room, upon my bed
    they crawl on my skin full of glee
    they even crawl inside my head
    i cannot run, i cannot hide
    cornered thus, i have to fight
    they hurt me hard,they wound my pride
    crushing my soul with all their might
    they have their fill,they take the spoils
    they leave me hurt, in deepest sorrow
    i make a resolve, my anger boils
    i’ll kill those goddamned ants tomorrow!!!

  5. The Wait.

    Smithy and I exchanged worried glances wondering whether everything had gone as planned.
    Kasim should have been back at the cottage by then; he was late by 10 minutes. A bead of anxious sweat trickled down her neck into her pink blouse.

    The wait continued. “Where the heck was Kasim? I hope he’s not dead.”


  6. The name of your blog brought me here. This was the first name that we had thought of for our design studio but somehow didn’t go ahead with it. Glad to know the name is in safe hands 🙂

    Liked your blog. Will come back soon to go through all of it.

    ~ Arun