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  1. @ ‘nonnymus: They aren’t sequential. Especially 1 and the others are mutually exclusive. As for ‘friend’…I’m lucky in that I’ve had several people define it by living it out in the best way possible.

    @ Shreyasi: Strange are the ways of the heart? 😉

  2. I agree with Mishi fully well especially since I have had the strangest of relationships (my belief but am sure others have notes to share too)

  3. @ Mishi: Thanks for the ego-boost, gurl!

    @ Stranger: Umm…no fighting with anyone else on my blog plizz.

    @ PensiveLawyer: Yes, thank you for the stamp of approval. EVERYONE, see here…the man himself has spoken! And yeah, I don’t know that this will keep the heart-breaker sort of men away…none of my posts have scared them off so far!

  4. “After all, even if he is a man, he is a lawyer and presumably hence, has read the directions and decided to be a friend.”

    1. I assume you are talkin about me.
    2. I am already seeing Querida.
    3. Therefore, you can ONLY be a friend.

    Now, dealing with your disclaimer, i am of the opinion that you have quite sufficiently scared of the prospective bakras from your life by putting up this disclaimer.

    Insofar as the brave (or stupid) ones who are not intimidated or scared off yet, you have given them sufficient notice of your abitlities and henceforth, they are responsible for the consequences that they will find themselves in.

    Have a nice day!

  5. uhhh. im sightly confused. ur all of this when ur a girlfriend or when u become an ex??
    As for the word ‘friend’.. i never really understood it

  6. Hola Attagal- well said……..

    About being a so-so girlfriend- is it ur own perception or is this the feedback given to u by ur boyfriends-if it is latter then dont bother- most men dont know what they want anyways……:)