North-Indians unwelcome.
South-Indians unwelcome.
Muslims unwelcome.

Singletons unwelcome.
Couples unwelcome.

Artists unwelcome.
Drinkers unwelcome.

The City of Gold, blessed land of Mahalaxmi that was once given as a princess’s dowry is a treasure no more.

I’d like to say the average man on the street doesn’t carry these notions but the scary thing is that he does. This isn’t anymore a blamegame between politicians. Sure, every one of these acrimonious, poisonous beliefs have been seeded with a blatant political agenda. But this city and its inhabitants have lapped them up voraciously and the hatred is bearing fruit, the bitter fruit of intolerance.

The real trouble is that it can afford to stay this way since there aren’t any real options. Bangalore, Hyderabad and numerous others once held the promise of new cities. They’ve all sunk into oblivion or inflated beyond the reach of the common man. Delhi continues to grow at a monstrous pace and accumulate as many rape victims, cadavers and tales of debauchery as crores.

If you are a professional with an education, where can you hope to live and build something strong, positive and sustainable? If you’re not, the staggering poverty will make even this hellhole seem like heaven.

Perhaps Mumbai has been a cashcow for this country for too long. And we’re now a society that has successfully slaughtered the golden goose. Welcome to the city of gutters, greed and garbage.

A No Entry sign in San Mateo, California.
A No Entry sign in San Mateo, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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