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  1. You know, Ideasmithy, this reminds me of something my therapist told me once that relationships are sometimes like making laddoos. They’re sweet and involve lots of work…but sometimes when it’s all over all you are left with is the stickiness in your hands which remains for a while no matter how hard you try to wash it off. It’s not like we WANT it to be there or that we’re not trying enough. Wounds like this take so much time to heal. It’s why I can never fully buy it when someone says that we should “move on” and “let go” in the here and now, or in a particular time frame. Letting go happens differently for everyone. Before that happens those toxic, miserable, traumatic memories will make their way out and leave us in a state where it’s a miracle to even get out of bed. And that’s okay. Not being able to listen to a song because of him/her, or listening too often for the same reason, is okay. Everyone gets there I think. Eventually.

    I’m just so glad I’ve been part of this journey and I’ve seen you wrestle with these emotions every way you can, Idea. You’re a brave woman. You’re fighter. Those lions weren’t on your socks for nothing 🙂

    1. @Anu: You are so kind. This morning I thought of you and the poem that you wrote about the lions on my socks, at the poetry workshop. Your empathy is a real rock. Thank you, love.

  2. Love the way everything you wear matches so well.the lipstick with the outfit .the jewelry. You would have made a brill fashion designer.your outfit sets you apart in so many group photos.

  3. Good to see ideasmithy fighting back ,finding her own ways of healing.I’m so happy you enjoyed rap without the negative energy. It shoes you are healing. Your profile pic is the radiates the energy ,we readers missed for the past few years :).

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