50 shades of grey

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  1. Writing in The Huffington Post , critic Soraya Chemaly argued that interest in the series was not a trend, but squarely within the tradition and success of the romance category which is driven by tales of virgins, damaged men and submission/dominance themes. Instead, she wrote, the books are notable not for transgressive sex but for how women are using technology to subvert gendered shame by exploring explicit sexual content privately using e-readers. Instead of submission fantasies representing a post-feminist discomfort with power and free will, women’s open consumption, sharing and discussion of sexual content is a feminist success.

  2. So you only liked the book because the female is portrayed to be a strong one? And you hate the 2nd book because she is weak? Would you love the series because she emerges stronger in the 3rd? And no. I.ve not read it. Its a guess based on the book’s cover.

    1. @spike Yes, certainly. There’s no dearth of weak female depictions in art & literature. Strong women are the exception and so, interest me. But like I said, this story does not interest me enough to go all the y to book 3.

  3. Great post! I just finished the second book. I didn’t feel all that engaged when I read the first book and almost decided against reading the second one. However, about 50 pages into the second book I was completely hooked. Will be interested to hear your take once you finish the second book.