The Medical Profession Is No Longer Noble

Noble profession, phooey. The last doctors I met who cared more about their patient’s health than money, were my best friend’s parents & my family doctor. I don’t believe those kind of doctors exist any more.

My grandfather died because his oncologists did not advise us at all on post-op care. My mother was diagnosed with gastroentis, was discharged after 2 days in a hospital only to relapse and the doctor told me, “But you said she was feeling better!” I was advised to get admitted even before a diagnosis just so a nursing home could charge for the night stay (with no doctor on call). One treatment recommended to a family member involved multiple injections into the retina, each costing about Rs.70,000. The doctor’s actual words were, “Buy three injections together and you’ll get a discount on the last one”. A consultation with a hospital run by a family friend revealed that no such treatment was necessary. The list of such examples is so numerous, I could write an entire series of blogposts just on such cases.

I find now, that healthcare is a fulltime keep-your-wits-constantly-about-you task. This means assessing every single word a healthcare professional tells you, couching your questions to them in such a way that their egos are not injured, assessing their answers to check if they’re just trying to sell you more medicine/treatment or palm you off to their corroborators (pharma companies, chemists, specialists, labs). Also, access to information helps greatly so every chemical mentioned on every medicine, every term on every form you’re required to fill and every piece of medical literature can and should be verified. All I can think is, that an educated, priveleged family in this country has so much trouble keeping out of the cons and money-making rackets that healthcare is. What happens to everyone who isn’t us?

You know what I call someone who grows fat & prosperous off the rest of humanity’s pain & fear? A parasite. Or now, a doctor.

2 thoughts on “The Medical Profession Is No Longer Noble

  1. Sad but true….however your bit about not injuring their egos should not come in the way of getting a realistic opinion…
    i think that practice of medicine is not a vocation anymore but a profession, so money making is to be expected …the swindling that occurs has been learnt from the sharp practices that corporate managers have taught them…

  2. I completely agree with you. My medical care has gone from pretty good to pathetic. We need for medical to be a right…free. Canada, Germany, Denmark et. Cetera…they all have FREE medical as many other good countries do. The doctors there are get paid plenty and top medical is available to all. The poor get the same treatment as everyone else. The AMA only allows a small number of doctors to graduate from med schools; THEY HAVE CREATED AN ARTIFICIAL SCARCITY THUS ARTIFICIALLY INCREASING DOCTORS WAGES. And these other countries have higher longevity rates than we do. There longevity is increasing…OURS HAS STOPPED AND IS GOING DOWN. Neglected people in the USA are common; we are not the best when it comes to taking care of our disabled…poor…etc

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