Lost soul

Soulful is how I first described your eyes
And souls don’t ever die, you know

I’ve been reading you for a long time now
You’ve been letting me look right into you
And glimpse serene Wonderland through your eyes.

Galatea of the spheres – Salvador Dali

You weren’t born to be world-weary or even worldly-wise
Please, don’t grieve so much… I so much want to keep you from shattering

But perhaps paradise must weather its hailstorms and snows too

Still, when winter is here, can spring be far behind?
I’m waiting. I miss your soulful eyes.

7 thoughts on “Lost soul

  1. I’ve been waiting since you left me,
    Now i’m drowning in a flood,
    Baby i’ve always been a fighter,
    But without you, i give up.

    Forgive my insolence to even think i can understand you, but i feel i can!

    I guess this is every blogger’s pain, the fact that every idiot who reads their words thinks he relates….

    Mindless ramblings….:)

  2. Sadly for me, I am never able to appreciate poetry as much as I can appreciate prose.

    I know this is good writing, but I assume you have heard this before. πŸ™‚

  3. Hey–wow! Great writing…my only complaint is that it reminds me of how shoddy and talentless I am, and my many failed attempts at poetry..sigh. If only I could write.

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