Just one day

I said I would, once long ago. Did I? Didn’t I? Not as well as I promised. But I’ll still try. This one is for the people I’ve held in a mental embrace, without letting them know. Maybe someday I will. Maybe tomorrow will be that day.


Monday, November 15, 2004

~ Just one day ~

If I could hold you for just one day
And make it a day of only happiness and smiles
And not let even a speck of dust touch you, let alone the darkness
And leave you with the memory of one safe haven on earth
I would

If I could care for you for just one day
And carry you over your hurdles to the best there is in you
And let you feel all the love and joy that there is to feel
So you knew how much of that was for you
I would

If I could cherish you for just one day
A day of celebration of you and you only
And accept you and treasure you as complete and perfect just as you are
And bring you the world singing and smiling for the wonder that is you
I would

If I could fulfil all your dreams for just one day
Bring you every single thing that you desire
And a new dream for every single waking moment
Make you believe that ‘life’ and ‘impossible’ are mutually exclusive
I would.

If I could love you for just one day
And have to walk away at the end of it
And never have you again
But leave you with the thought that one day is enough
And I would

Maybe tomorrow will be that day.


2 thoughts on “Just one day

  1. Words from the soul
    Words from long ago
    You said maybe tomorrow
    But you said you would
    You did

    You’ve always been the wordsmith, eh?

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