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  1. I love sunrises family and friends tag me as one of those weird people who don’t like to sleep late…I love waking up early every morning, even on vacations. I always make it a point to catch sunrises and sunsets on every vacation. I am alway amazed at the beauty of every sunrise. There is something so reassuring and beautiful to see the first rays of the sun light up your surroundings. Everything looks so pristine, untouched and unpolluted and just as it was meant to be….The best sunrise that I think will forever be ingrained in my mind is the one ona beach in Florida….soft white sand, clear blue water, seagulls for company.. i felt i was a part of heaven :).. Sorry I can go on forever.. call me a sunrise nut.. 😛

  2. @ N: I want to be a writer in that setting, not really working for someone else, not having to even interact with anyone else unless I want to.

    @ Pinks: I think it was the place and the time more than the book. But you’re right, some books have the power to induce that feeling too. Only ‘Class’ didn’t do that for me.

    @ Marielle: You would be a sunrise person. :). And with the kind of view that your room would have provided…I’m not surprised. Thanks for visiting. 🙂

  3. Sunrises…
    During my whole stay in Mumbai, I just loved sunrises. i was lucky, i would wake up, draw the curtains and have this beautiful view of the sun rising with the sea on the background…

    I really loved it… It was truly a pleasure… bringing happiness and hope…

    I took many pictures of it, but, none of them can truly capture what it feels…

    But, i am no longer in a 5 * hotel room with sea view… no more sunrises…

  4. ‘Class’ is likely to bring this kind of feeling..more often.

    Seeking peace someday!!!
    ‘Someday’, remains someday till you decide to make it ‘Today’

  5. life breathes in this post…from the deepest recesses, our real homes…not emerging from roles we play, but rather, from the beings we are….