Twory: The Gun Is Mightier Than The Pen

A Twory and a smile for Adi.


“I’m reading match updates on effing Twitter, man. It’s mortifying!”

“Use your press card, idiot!”

“That’ll work here?”

His slowness was grating but I had to act fast. We had half an hour.

“The pen is mightier and all that. Nothing will keep us out.”

I hung up and pulled on my favorite team’s tee-shirt. But just as I turned to the mirror, a splash of water cascaded over me.

“Sorry daddy…I bumped into the wall.”

My darling terror was looking up at me, woebegone. Holi was a discarded calendar page in most homes but mine. Sheena had not gotten over the delights of the pichkari as yet.

I looked down at my clothes. A bright orange blob was soaking through my blue tee-shirt and sticking to my chest.

A matching drop dripped off the plastic gun in her hands.

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