Unless I’m greatly mistaken, these are the pipes that one uses to smoke ganja? I remember seeing these in little shops on my way home from school as well, and wondering what they were. Back then, I figured they were some special attachment to be used on taps. My curiosity continues unabated and I’m still wondering whether these aren’t illegal. If I’m right, they are…sort of.

I could be wrong, however. Does anybody know what these things are used for? I didn’t have the nerve to walk up to the shopkeeper and ask him. He didn’t seem perturbed by my taking photographs though.



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7 thoughts on “Pipes

  1. where did you find these in mumbai? I broke mine last year have been searching since!!!
    and yes they are used to smoke weed

  2. @ rossoneri: Actually I’ve seen them in a lot of places. Small, unobstrusive, unfashionable residential areas…they all have a shop or two that stocks these.

    @ Brad: Whistle-holder?

    @ Rambler: LOL…I thought something similar except they’re made of clay. πŸ˜›

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