young woman taking photo in mirror of car

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  1. Hmmm. Ok, I am saying this for ‘saying’ sake.

    Look into Buddisht principles of Non-violence; How stuff doesn’t affect you if you don’t acknowledge it?

    And in your shoes, I guess, you should have confronted the rickshaw driver! “Aageh dekh keh chalaa nahin saktaa hei kya?”

  2. Its a Catch-22. There really aint a crime in staring. But then, pro-longed stares are morally wrong.
    I have had this topic discussed N no. of times. People stare even when women are in a saree to when women come out in a bikini. The most important part is to realize what you wanna do, what you are comfortable with. The rest is insignificant.
    Tho’ I still understand your situation and personally I feel you should have given the driver a piece of your mind!