We are shaping the span between us, paving roads to each other with ideas, extending word ladders and conversation bridges.

We are co-creators, selecting the best parts from I, me, you, yours to design a new us. We pick lines from stories as diverse as Interstellar and Gravity, sculpting reason and attraction into pillars of truth. We embellish with fragments of our broken past dreams, hoping the other will see art in our pain the way we do.

I bring in my best tools – My smile wiped clean of the dregs of my past and dipped into a fresh coat of all these new emotions that you inspire in me. So here I go setting out to be the architect for our future, building us into castles & cathedrals, space stations & satellite towers, when you turn around and say
You just want some SPACE.

You slide into an alleyway of guilt that I didn’t even know existed in this world of ours – God knows I didn’t put it there. I follow you and I find walls where I expected a skylight or a ventilation shaft. I realise there’s a door only when I hear it slam.


As you close off, compartmentalise,
seal away, cordon off parts of your life
where I’m not allowed anymore.

SLAM. Because that’s what doors sound like to you. To me a door exists to let us walk through walls.But these walls are wet with your tears and they crumble at my touch. I look for a conversation thread to help us out of this abyss. I find myself trapped inside a dead-end with no sign of you, imprisoned inside the crushing echoes of your accusations and cut on ropes called promises that we made to each other

I make it back to the threshold where we first waved hi. There you are smiling hello at me, like we did not just create something together that choked and died. I can’t build what you keep destroying, I say. You tell me it’s not supposed to take so much work. Honey, even a sandcastle takes getting your hands dirty

I saw us as a city of the future, full of colour & bustle & culture. But you, my friend, think of love as Stonehenge, smiling at unfinished stones, walking around in our ruins, turning our architecture into history.


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