I reconnected with a woman I knew very slightly years ago. At the time, I assumed she was snooty (and so many unflattering things we’re taught to think about ourselves and other women instead of acknowledging strength). When a wave of stories about men’s atrocities began coming out a couple of years ago, she and I found ourselves shoulder to shoulder and talking. And we also discovered a mutual love of sarees, especially when personalised to our contemporary lifestyles.

This is from the day we decided to meet, a breakfast date and both in sarees, as agreed. I had bought this gorgeous saree online, a combination of two different fabrics and art styles – one with threadwork and the other with block print. I also managed to get a bespoke blouse featuring the cutting edge of saree fashion – gigot sleeves. I teamed these with my tan doc marten boots, light cane earrings from Shanti Niketan (a gift from a blogger galpal), lac bangles (gift from the wonderful Sadaf), a terracotta necklace (gift from mum) and a men’s wood watch. My look turned out to be a celebration of female solidarity which I thought was fitting for the occasion.

What a beautiful picture Ray shot! It was a truly delightful day. 😊


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