Does anybody remember Sincerity? She hasn’t been seen in a long time. We read about her in Moral Science textbooks. We co-opted her name in the style of the (insincere) British as we learnt to sign letters. Sincerely, Yours.

Sincerity was never in vogue. He’s come in under attack by Popularity who really got a leg up when it partnered with Charm. And when Diplomacy came to beautify their union, all was lost.

Sincerity succumbed to assault. Microaggressions like Condescension & Sarcasm. Transgressions of White Lies & Gaslighting. Sincerity may have been rescued by the love of Purity. But Purity, that good thing was poisoned by the powermongering of Virginity, of Vegetarianism, of Capitalism, of Exclusivity & Privilege.

I’m looking for Sincerity. Is there any out there? I think we’re doomed if it isn’t. All we’ll have left is sonic echo chambers & filtered illusions. And each other. And who are we without Sincerity?



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