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  1. Dear Ideasmith,
    First of all, LOVED your word for comments: Idea-filings! Lol.
    Super post. Love your blog. Excellent writing.

  2. The greatest thing u can do for urself is to take charge of ur destiny and responsibility 4 ur actions..the realization tht one does’nt need to have all the answers is perhaps tru enlightenment…
    The day i decided to let go was the day I lost a mountain frm my shoulders (though an island has come up arnd my waist ).We spend our lives chasing shadows….Life is devoted to the accumulation of material(better jobs,bigger cars,plusher houses)..In my case I refused a excellent job offer frm a top company simply i didnt get the right vibes frm the bosses evn though they were very polite…For some ‘vibes’ may not be even a consideration…Our idea of professional success is ur title/salary ..No one cares tht the job has given u ulcers n angina..Probably they would b viewed as a sign of responsibilities u have professionally

  3. “What is this life if, full of care” etc. Sometimes I believe that.
    And sometimes I want results.

    Very long time since I read an Erma Bombeck. Wish I could borrow it off you.


  4. I disagree. You should strive to achieve what you wish for. Put in balanced efforts, and be satisfied with the outcome for the present, and focus on improving on your previous efforts towards achieving your whim/goal. In your course of action, you might realize that your goal has moved, but that’s life. And you wouldn’t want it any other way! It’s the only way you’ll be content.

  5. i really liked this post.

    from beginning to end.

    Didnt agree with everything, but i still really liked it.

  6. I wish there was something ordinary about me or my life but then I hear Brahma snickering at me from the couch. Vishnu slapping Mahesh on the back while sipping a martini at the bar and saying “Boy we really messed this one up…for its own good though”