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  1. @ Cynic: Here, the old one’s back! No, I don’t go to Fort that much now. Besides being too far, having other options in the suburbs…the Fort footpath is becoming more a pirated movie/software arcade than a book-bazaar.

    @ Banno: Lovely feeling, isn’t it? 😛

    @ 4wd: That’s true. But I like both sensations for different reasons and feel very lucky that I can now afford to pick what and when I want to experience.

  2. I like old books for their cheap reading… but i really appreciate new books more. Its almost like books absorb a bit of their owner … and one that’s only yours has a bit of you in it.
    They’re like motorcyles, in that way 🙂

    4wD’s last blog post..How to snag literary type chicks.

  3. new template again? takes a long time to load tho.

    do u ever go to fort and just walk down the roads and feel happy at the number of books there?

    Cynic in Wonderland’s last blog post..Summer Holidays

  4. @ arZan: A good long conversation unhindered by busy schedules! :mrgreen: But seriously? When you’re in Mumbai next, I’d be proud to take you around to all these places I love.

    @ rossoneri: Bach is like an old friend with whom it’s always a delight to pick up a conversation thread again.

    @ ‘nonnymous: Exactly.

    @ Adithya: Nope, this is another place. I think you’re thinking of Flora Fountain? That collection has been on the decline since the BMC’s street cleanup drive and afterwards when the suburbs started sprouting their own stores and pavement stalls.

    @ Pragni: It was a far shot I guess.

    @ Ashish: 🙂 Not the ones with termites in them though, I expect?

    @ rambler: No, this says he is married to Leslie Parrish so it comes after. One of the several books written in that love-haze that followed their marriage I expect. You did know that they got divorced later?