Haute couture

Men have no appreciation for haute couture!!!!!!!! At least the two jokers I sit next do, don’t!


SNC: So why are you in casuals on a work-day?

Me: I’m not in casuals!

SFOS: So what are these then?

Me: I’m not wearing jeans!

SNC: So jeans are the only thing that’s casual?

Me: In this office, yes…

SFOS: But why are you dressed like this?

Me: I wanted to wear my new boots

SNC: Gumboots….

Me: Not gumboots, you dolt! These are ultra-chic leather boots

SNC: They look like gumboots to me!

Me: You’re crazy. Gumboots don’t have zippers or heels, gumboots don’t have zips.

SFOS: Mine did.

Me: You’re both nuts. These are considered formal in western wear.

SNC: Where? Some part of interior South Africa?

Me: Idiot! Incidentally, do you also know that the traditional business skirt is supposed to be really short, micro-mini length almost?

SFOS: How do they do business then?

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