Quoted In Mail Today Story On Social Networking: “Scraps pip tweets”

Neha Tara Mehta has written a very interesting article for Mail Today about social networking in India. She looks at the popularity of Orkut, Facebook and Twitter as well as the attitudes of their various subscriber groups. I along with several other bloggers including the ‘ooh-I-wish-he-wasn’t-gay’ Harish Iyer and WATblog founder Rajiv Dhingra have been quoted.

” A social network is only as good as the people it has on it. It’s considered taboo now to be on Orkut,” says Mumbai- based blogger Ramya, whose online avatar is Ideasmith.

Its origin in a Harvard dormitory, perhaps, may have something to do with the exclusivity tag that Facebook cannot seem to shake off. ” I think Facebook is more popular among the affluent in the metros. One of my US friends said to me, ‘ You are on Orkut? That’s so passΓ©! Facebook is where it is happening’,” Ramya says.

But the difficulty in accessing Twitter may still give Orkut an edge.

Says Ramya, ” Most people still have to use a computer and browser to connect to Twitter. The numbers that drive Orkut probably don’t come online that often.” Looks like the scrap will be way ahead of the tweet for a while more.

Mail Today - 12Sep09 - Scraps over tweets

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