Apna Apna Andaz

I had a crazy first week back at work. And then on Wednesday, for respite, I found this in my mailbox:

Andaz Apna Apna

Friday Night movie! Please vote for the following options!

This followed by (in BIG, BOLD font)

Guys… There’s a VOTE option at the end of the movies… So please vote there… Don’t reply to me…

I swear, this was much more entertaining than the actual movie. Which was Andaz Apna Apna, so that should tell you just how tickled I was.

ItΒ  also took me back to the early (and great) times of my last job. We’d end up doing something together on Friday nights – a movie or a drink or dinner. So on Tuesday,with great enthusiasm, I proposed a plan for Friday and asked for ideas. Unfortunately, with all the evil he could muster, SNC diverted that into a conversation on ‘Ways to torture Ideasmith’ which ranged from the irritating ‘Make her do everyone’s work and take Friday off’ to the downright vile ‘Set up a fake profile for her on a matrimonial site’.

The next week, much improved by my training, I instituted the voting buttons which were as follows:

  • I’ve got culture. MOVIE!
  • I am SNC. All I care about is…DINNER!
  • I am a loser. I’m going home.

Needless to say, that week was mine!

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