Queen Bee

Books, clothes, lingerie, perfumes, shoes, music – they’re all expensive. Can’t be helped. Some things are worth paying for. And myself is definitely worth it.

Charge it to my card, please.

The best part of financial independence is not needing to account to someone else.


A modern Indian woman is an Indian woman still. Family will always be important. On our own terms now. And yes, the credit card ad was right. There are things that money can’t buy, some things that are priceless such as the satisfaction of being able to do such things for them.

Hey girl, lunch, Sunday?
No, it’s family time. Taking my parents out to lunch.
Dinner, Monday then.
Works for me.


Liberation in the mind, in the bedroom and in expression. It was never this good. And who knows better than another woman?

So I told him to pick up something at one of those shops the next time he was in Bangkok and he freaked out!
Can’t blame him. The average Indian man is like that – prudish.
What are we then?
Oh hypocrites, that’s all.
Horny hypocrites.


Men will always be wanted, though. Even if not as a vital necessity anymore. Likable companions to some, delightful amusements, sweet support systems and back-up options. Objectification was learnt alongside independence. We’ve caught up. From livestock to rulers; masters to drones….ah how, the wheel turns.

Hi, what are you doing?
Out with a friend. What’s up?
Oh, I was wondering if you wanted to catch a movie
Not today. Sometime next week?
Okay. Have fun…with your friend?
Yup. Will do. You too.


Who can blame me for being greedy? Everyone who’s smart wants to swear allegiance to the woman’s world.

You should interview with XYZ corp.
Why, because of their benefits?
Unbelievable. Maternity benefits, sponsored education, sabbaticals, the works…if you are a woman, though they’ll never admit that.
Anything to promote their ‘women-friendly-workplace’ image. It’s like the reverse of the glass ceiling.


The world is my beehive.

2 thoughts on “Queen Bee

  1. Excellent post. It’s fascinating, yet not insignificantly discomforting, though, to observe how, with this ever-rising tide of feminism and this era of the “modern woman”, male-female relations seem to be becoming more and more like those in the majority of the rest of the animal world: the female/queen reigns supreme, while the males exist primarily for the sole purpose of impregnating them — at the discretion of the female. It’s the males who, more often than not, have to develop elaborate songs and plumages and bright skin colours and gigantic bowers to compete for the favour of the female. The history of our (well, Aryan-descended, I guess) human societies may have had it the opposite, but in my experience at least, it’s always seemed that it’s the women who have the buyer’s market. And your post only confirms that swinging of the balance.

    This isn’t discomfort from the impowering of women — no, not at all. Rather, it’s discomfort from what seems to be a swing from one extreme to another. I’ve never believed that women should be subservient to men, and I don’t see why it should be the other way, either. I will neither claim that I need, or don’t need, a woman companion in my life. But I’m not afraid to say that I know, for quite sure, that that life would be far less rich without one than with.

  2. “So I told him to pick up something at one of those shops the next time he was in Bangkok”
    What did you as the guy to pick up?I would love to pick up anything for my girl .

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