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  1. Actually you know what? Men in the kitchen don’t need a ‘bravo’ at all. Do us women get any bravos from anyone for knowing when to put the tadka in the dal? No, na? Because its something that is necessary for us to do. Same is the case with men as well. I am lucky to be blessed with a truly independent husband who does not think he is doing me a ‘favor’ or doing something ‘special’ when he cooks a meal, which he does most nights. 🙂

  2. Oh and I must say, I totally agree with this – “I consider Indian cooking extremely indulgent and wasteful”. Ne’er have truer words been spoken…er, written!

  3. Judging by the way my husband cooks, I’d agree with the first comment. He follows the recipe to the T, as they say, whereas I just go about dunking in masalas and things solely by instinct. I think men who like cooking must also be instinctive about their cooking, rather than religiously sticking to the outlined steps.

    1. @Gargi Mehta: Perhaps that bit of it comes with practice? This post was written a few years ago. Now I cook a lot more and my style follows a little more of the instinctive dunk-in-masala routine. Instinct plays a big part in any kind of creative endeavour, even the creation of food.

  4. I think i agree with your friend here, the gender bias [ I hate to use the word reverse gender bias] for cooking men is definitely present. I love to cook, not just for me, for my family, which includes my wife and parents.
    There have been so many times, when I have been asked, oh you cook well?, I am surprised. or your wife is going to be lucky. Some times norm drives the conversations, but too much of norm irritates me.
    Gender bias aside, I think that every person who is very particular about what he/she eats, end up cooking themselves. It could be for different reasons, taste, calories, presentation, etc..

    1. @Rambler: That’s a thought I’d love to subscribe to. Except that I’ve met far too many men who enjoy eating but feel no need to learn cooking for themselves. (Kisliye? Mummy/sister/girlfriend/wife hain na?)

  5. P (my husband) is that kind of an intuitive cook. He has such a knack with ingredients, cooking times, flavors, textures, etc. Au contraire, I am the more go-by-the-recipe kinda cook. Finally, I had no clue about cooking (could just about make a cup of coffee for myself) until I got married. The Internet was my cooking instructor but really, it was P who taught me to cook.

  6. read this article on Yahoo…very well written…I am blessed to have parents who dont believe in such stereo types…i enjoy cooking not because Im a girl but because I like it, just like I like doing a million other things that only men are supposed to do…

    1. @Sanhita: And welcome to my blog then! While here, do check my other blog, The Idea-smithy.

      What are these million other things that only men are supposed to do? I’m struggling with the ones I’m ‘supposed’ to and a few that I’m not supposed to. 😉