Patchwork Professionals

There is a problem with bartering education like a commodity. It really doesn’t result in knowledge or learning. The gold rush for fancy degrees means we spend our efforts pursuing them and then clinging on for dear life (politicking & manoeuvring so the title/accolade is retained). There is no time, no space to ask the questions that have never had a chance to get answered in this hysteria.

It’s been ten years since I completed my MBA and fourteen since the graduation as a Maths major. I am not proud to say that my knowledge of the subjects covered in both, is patchy. Sure, I could probably spin a facade, a jugaad response to any situation requiring these. But this falls short of the promise of a higher learning-oriented thought process. I am constantly reading, talking, watching to try and catch up but I still find myself falling short.

Lest you think this is a rant against the education system or my own inadequacies, think about all the disciplines these encompass – medicine, business accounting, aircraft piloting. Some of these are professions that involve human lives, some impact hundreds of people in life-changing ways.

I’m very afraid, for who I am and the country I’m living in, that’s filled with jugaadu, patchwork professionals.

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  1. A very pertinent point. It is a pity that most of the teachers are not in the profession out of choice which impacts learning. Crass commercialisation has accelerated the decline..and we are fighting for non-issues like FYUP and no biometric for teachers (why not)

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