V-day at office

SIT sauntered in after lunch, staggering under the weight of an enormous bouquet. He also sent around a mail recently asking us to vote for him at a dating site. Yes, yes we all did and guess what…he got called to attend a special ‘invitees only’ speed-dating session. That was a week back. So hows this for quick turnaround time?

NN smirks and says ”….somebody’s been sending flowers to himself”. SNC (who accompanied SIT to the speed-dating thing) stays characteristically silent. When probed he admits that 3 of the 5 women he chose, chose him back. That’s not so bad, we all think. Considering he leaves early…and quietly….that’s not bad at all.

Another colleague, pore thang, spent the day at the passport office. Can’t think of anyone who makes you feel less loved. And this morning I get a message saying “Come see what I got for valentine’s day!!” It turns out to be a toothbrush-sprayed cardboard bookmark with a cellophane heart in its centre….made by her two-year old nephew, who she claims wanted it back after she looked at it.

Lunchtime conversation is something like this:

NN: So you heard about Abhishek Bachchan marrying Aishwarya Rai?
SNC: They haven’t got married yet!
Me: Personally, I’m not even interested in discussing Abhishek Bachchan after he shows such poor taste.
SFOS: Oh, I’m sure he’s extremely wounded by that.
NN: I don’t think she suits him.
SNC: Me neither, what are they thinking? Rani Mukherjee would have been so much better
BAA (Bengali after all): Oh yes, she’s so talented and so smart and so beautiful.
All of us in chorus: Bengali after all!!
*BB smirks*
Me: Turns out Jaya didn’t like Rani but preferred Ash.
BAA: Stupid decision. Stupid woman.
Me: Bengali after all!!
SNC: I don’t think they should get married!
NN: Yeah, I totally agree.
Me: Hmph, why does a 30-yr old need his mama’s permission to get married?
SFOS: Apparantly he needs the entire country’s permission to get married!

Stupid Cupid’s arrows are turning all our brains into putty.

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  1. can u link this post to mama’s boy post… they will make a good combo…

    and didnt u get the news of my marriage with sameera reddy… you can discuss that on any other day other than raksha bandhan 😉

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