“Addicted To The Internet?” – Quoted In Sunday Hindustan Times

I was quoted in Neha Bhayana’s story about Internet addiction & restricting net connectivity in Sunday Hindustan Times on 6 September 2009.

Reformed Net addicts Ramya (30) and Moksh Juneja (27) said that there is no need to have regulations. “Adults should be allowed to decide what is best for them. It is not fair to govern Internet use.” said Ramya, who restricted her Internet use because of neck pain.

This was in reply to a question about whether the government and other authority bodies should restrict the use of Internet. In my opinion, internet addiction isn’t like alcholism or the other vices, in that it doesn’t impact one’s health immediately. However I do believe the excess of any sort is bad and excessive usage of internet leaves you with much less time for regular social activities (a must for any healthy human being). You also run the risk of computer-related aches and pains like mine, not to mention unnecessary anxiety and pressure over needing to ‘keep up’ with the net 24/7. Finally, it might be fair for educational institutions to govern internet use for commercial purposes as well as because they are responsible for discipline among their students (minors). However it is only right that adults be held responsible for their own health and habits. Restricting internet use is suppressing free media.

Addicted to the Internet - Neha Bhayana - HT 6Sept09Class attendance rises after restriction on Internet use - Neha Bhayana - HT 6Sept09

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