First Tooth – Frederick Morgan Posted by Hello

I think human beings go through four stages in their beliefs about life and the world around them.

Firstly there’s childhood (the golden era) when everything is an excuse for curiosity and a source of magical wonder…friendship, love, games, food, adulthood…*sigh*

Then there’s adolescence, the age of experimentation. It is all about erasing the limits (or blurring them at the very least). Everything is to be questioned, re-examined…an advanced exploration but more like going back to check up on things discovered in childhood to understand them better.

And then comes the time of cynicism. Having marveled and wondered and discovered and explored, there is the disappointment that comes with having to accept the disparity between the imagined and the real. It’s a short slide to disgust, spreading into despair, intensifying into disillusionment and finally belief that this is all there is.

It seems however that the human spirit will persist…it has after all for centuries. Somewhere from the depths comes acceptance of reality and willingness to make do with what there is. There is the curiosity of childhood, within the limits defined and customized to one’s individuality in adolescence and coupled with the strength learned from the hard knocks of watching dreams die. Life raises its head again.

The human race is a phoenix.

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