She proposed. He declined.

You’re too intense for me.

He said then.

A few years later, they met.
He was older, she wiser.

He frowned,

I don’t like what you’ve become.

You didn’t like me the way I was!

She wanted to cry when he said

I did. I miss who you used to be.

9 thoughts on “Bittersweet”
  1. Friends… old friends…
    One sees how it ends.
    A woman looks
    Or a man lies,
    And the pleasant brooks
    And the quiet skies,
    Ruined with brawling
    And caterwauling,
    Enchant no more
    As they did before,
    And so it ends
    With friends.

    Friends… old friends…
    And what if it ends?
    Shall we dare to shirk
    What we live to learn?
    It has done its work,
    It has served its turn;
    And, forgive and forget
    Or hanker and fret,
    We can be no more
    As we were before.
    When it ends, it ends
    With friends.

    Friends… old friends…
    So it breaks, so it ends.
    There let it rest!
    It has fought and won,
    And is still the best
    That either has done.
    Each as he stands
    The work of its hands
    Which shall be more
    As he was before?…
    What is it ends
    With friends?

  2. You gotta take what you get and smile, right? What more can you do…
    And about my post, I don’t say what I don’t mean..I love the way you write.

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