Painting of Bodhisatva at Ajanta Posted by Hello

What’s courage like?
It’s like walking to the very edge of the cliff
Straight into the sky
And not stopping.

What’s determination like?
It’s like standing completely perpendicular to the ground
Shoulders back, eyes level with what’s coming
Till all motion, even breathing stops…but standing still.

What’s toughness like?
It’s like feeling heat turn ever so slowly from smooth warmth to prickly darts
And curling and shriveling and blackening
But not crumbling.

What’s valour like?
It’s like playing a losing game only because your opponent is cheating
And yet refusing to quit or cheat
Or play by his rules.

What’s patience like?
It’s like listening and listening and listening endlessly
And shattering with every word
And continuing to listen for as long as there is something to listen to and beyond.

What’s dignity like?
It’s like watching the world laugh at you
And knowing you could silence them with a smile
But not needing to do that.

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