Office spouse

Someone from the neighboring cubicle (SNC): He calls you his ‘Office spouse’?? What on earth is that? Didn’t he just get married a month back?

ME: Yeah, that’s in his personal life. An office spouse is someone you talk to, share your problems with, are friendly with, get over your day’s frustrations with..that sort of thing. A good buddy at work.

SNC: Hee hee…my buddy and my spouse do different things!

ME: Hmph. Just for your uninformed self, ‘Office Spouse’ has completely platonic, non-romantic, non-sexual connotations.

SNC: Some real-life spouses are like that!

I almost fell off my chair laughing. And ‘Office Spouse’ decided to become “Office Papa” instead and order me back to work.

4 thoughts on “Office spouse

  1. There is a definte sexual spark also involved in the ‘Office Spouse’ relation as per definition. But who cares. As long as u share the healthy relation its a boon.

  2. Smithy? Is that you? its been ages.. How u doin? Never knew u started writing again in wordpress.. How have u been? And office spouse? Never heard of that one before i read this post!!!

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