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  1. I was awake making frantic calls which were never answered. After reading some circulated mails, I came to know about the gravity of the situation.


  2. Never realised how bad the scene was until i came to your blog…damn! i hate being so unaware…Glad you are safe.
    Take care and hope things return to normalcy soon.

  3. blessings and prayers 4 fast drainage of floodwaters. And I promise to spread more awareness of reducing emissions to reduce the greenhouse effect, to reduce variance in global warming, to reduce unprecedented altering in global climate, to reduce deluge and drought situations, to reduce death and destruction of plant, animal & human lives and property (belonging only to the last group).

  4. I would say,if possible dont go out of home untill heavy rain stops.Your company would not go bankcrupt if you dont go for some days.

    Take Care….